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If you’re looking for a fun and unique way to build your team’s collaboration and communication skills, look no further than a team building cooking class at the Venetian Kitchen.

We can offer a variety of classes designed to bring colleagues and coworkers together in a common purpose: to prepare and enjoy delicious food and drinks.

Regardless of your team’s level of experience in the kitchen, an immersive and hands-on cooking class is sure to give them the tools they need to work together, communicate effectively, and have a great time in the process.

Choose your team class

Typically we run classes with small groups of up to 12 people at Brixton Windmill, so that each individual will get the space and attention that they need to make some delicious dishes. We can also teach larger groups at a suitable venue.

Classes last up to 4 hours so that you have time to cook in a relaxed way and enjoy the experience without feeling rushed. Our Venetian aperitif cooking class is the perfect choice for team classes, and we can easily cater to different dietary requirements, but we can also run any other of our regular classes or discuss any custom packages.

So why not book your team in for a team building cooking class today? Whether you’re looking for a fun company outing, a bonding experience with colleagues, or simply a unique way to build your team’s skills and morale, the Venetian Kitchen has everything you need to make it happen.

Get in touch with [email protected] today to discuss your requirements and book your class.

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Pavimento alla Veneziana
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