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Ciao, we are Fabio and Agnes.

Born and raised in Venice, we inherited a deep passion for cooking from our mothers and nonnas. Every day, they would cook from scratch and make the most amazing meals out of the simplest ingredients.

Growing up, we both spent a lot of time in the kitchen with them, learning one traditional recipe after the other, and listening to stories of people and flavours from the lagoon, countryside, and mountains.

But ten years ago we moved to yet another island and yet another extraordinary town, London. And while we have grown to love our new home, our heart remains with Venice, the Veneto region and its incredible food, which brings back memories of home, family and friends, and a centuries-long fusion of cultures.

And we are here to tell you about the incredible flavours and forgotten stories of Venetian cuisine.

Besides the Venetian Kitchen Fabio also runs the baking blog the Italian baker, where he share baking recipes with an Italian twist and runs Brixton Windmill baking classes throughout the year.

In the kitchen, he is always helped by Agnes, who also leads on recipe development and the creative vision behind the Kitchen, on interior-designing welcoming spaces for the classes, and all things technical and business-related, making the Venetian kitchen one of the best cooking experiences in London.

Fabio and Agnes

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Pavimento alla Veneziana
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